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About Mindscroll Foundation

The company headed by Vinaya Kadam believes in bringing individuals close to their dream careers. It helps them identify their real personality and then analyse where they fit the best according to their potential analysis. The company will create a clear roadmap to complete their dreams and also assist them on how to use their skills to make a good career. It will also help in incorporating the skills which are essential for their career so that they can have an excellent career in future

The company website www.mindscrollfoundation.com focuses on providing the above stated experience. It is a platform where individuals can explore the myriad possibilities for both conventional and non-conventional career options with a bird’s eye view of the industry they are looking into and an accurate SWOT analysis of the future of the prospective career option. The website provides ample options for 10+2 career choices with the help of Univariety.

www.mindscrollfoundation.com works on the principle that individuals are uniquely talented with their individual attributes - personality, interests and abilities. Vinaya adds that the company essentially wants to provide services in Career Counselling, Aptitude Mapping Tests and Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test

Certified DMIT Consultant in Kolhapur
Vinaya Kadam

About Vinaya Kadam

Vinaya holds a Degree in Engineering, an MBA in Human Resource Management and holds a Diploma in Psychology & post graduate diploma in counselling from Indian institute of counselling New Delhi, making her a perfect fusion of a new-age educational counsellor. She holds a commendable experience in the field of teaching and student relationship. She was a lecturer and then a Head of the Department at a reputed engineering institute. She worked as a director at a premiere coaching institute for over three years and started her own student development centre two years ago. Apart from this she holds a Certification in Global Career Counselling from University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA Extension) and a Green Belt Certification from Global Career Counselling from Univariety, Singapore.

She is an enthusiastic and committed teacher having hands on experience in counselling students of all strata and has successfully helped over a hundreds of them. She has effectively dealt with students with learning problems and helped them reach a definite career decision of their life. In a nutshell one can describe Vinaya as a hardworking individual who is promising to satisfy educational demands and well-being of the students.