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Need for Career Counselling

Career Counselling is useful for resolving conflicts, and turning around bad situations such as student's failure into constructive successes for the students with proper guidance. A Career counsellor is someone to listen to who is not related to the students and is not their family and will not try and force them to follow their footsteps.There is nothing worse for students than being a little unsure of their next educational move, only to be pressured by parents to take a course they are not interested in. By choosing career counseling they will find out about their real personality and they will make the right choice.

Vinaya Kadam, through her experience in interpersonal communication and counselling, wants to provide fool-proof solution to all the academic problems of the students. She believes that it is very important to check whether a student has the right skill-set for the required career and with the help of counseling the student can verify and reassure his/her career decisions.

Expertise of Vinaya Kadam

Being an Engineer, an MBA graduate in Human Resource Management and a diploma holder in Psychology, Vinaya holds a considerable academic experience in the major streams like Commerce, Science and Arts. Her Experience with students as a lecturer, as a director and as a counsellor just shapes her all-round academic experience into an empathetic and sound career guidance.

Career Counselling in Kolhapur